Summer Gone…Fall Going by Quick

Well another summer has passed and fall is going by quick. This year has been one of the best chinook year Ive seen in about 5 years. The bouy 10 fishing was lights out as good as I ever remember. limits were easy to come by early and often. the 3rd week of it brought us a major change to the fishing with the intro to fin-clip only for chinook for down there. lots of frustration was brought on buy turning many fish loose. Above toung PT got to be the go to place once this kicked on. Up river fishing was white hot from the get go.ishing stayed good all the way thru late Sept when the gillnetters were let loose to rape the river 3 days a week. I then moved on to Tillamook where the fishing has been awsome this year. As soon as we get a shot of rain thngs should light up again.

I have open seats thru Nov also crabbing trips are available too. Bottom fishing is an option when ocean allows this winter.

503 720-2772

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