Spring Run that Never Showed, Changing Gears

The spring chinook run of 2013 was the most frustrating  run in recent memory. The fish showed but with no consistancy or numbers. The columbia run was very disappointing, although it was a good sight to see the HUGE smelt run this year. The fish were just not there in giant numbers. The Willamette run turned out to be a bust as well. The fish that were there didnt seem to be in a biting mode. Oregon city turned into a sealion fest with over 50% of the fish hooked being stole by the lions,this once very popular fun fishery turned intoa not so fun one this year. Many guides and people lost many fish there this year and were lucky enough to be able to get one or two a day into their boats. It will be interesting to see what happens next year up there. As for me I stayed down in the harbour where  it was scratch fishing at best. There should have been 30-40 fish days at the head of the channel and this year a 10 fish day was a banner day. May 5th was my last day fishing it. Alot of the other guides have given up on it as well.

I have switched gears now and now got my focus on other fish. I am offering ocean trips when the ocean allows for bottom-fish. I ran my first bottom-fish trip on May 11 with success. We had limits of lingcod all around and assorted rock-fish, although we came a few rock-fish short everyone on board had plenty of fish to bring home. these trips will last thru June until the salmon show up then its off to chase ocean salmon. I will still offer bottom fish in combo trips. I will also drop crab traps for those interested.

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