Outlook for 2014

Great News Forecast for All Salmon Fishermen

Joe Humer, a state Fish and Wildlife biologists says that 2014 brings in an excellent report for Coho and Sockeye numbers, with spring Chinook doubling and summer Chinook as good as our “bumper crop” fall Chinook in 2013. He continues to say that, “All Columbia River Chinook stocks appeared to have exceeded expectations…”

The Columbia River is predicted to bring in larger Chinooks in for 2014, with a forecast of larger than 555,4000 as in 2013.

For more information, check out www.tnd.com/news/state-and regional/washington/salmon-anglers-com

More Salmon news predicted:

Columbia Sockeye prediction: 345K and 58,700 Willy Springers — a huge run is predicted for 2014, ‘almost twice as many’ as were predicted in 2013.

Check out Andy Walgamotts’ article from Dec. 12, 2013 on www.newsportsmanmag.com

Fall Chinook (Aug–Early Nov)

The fall chinook season is a very exciting time for all anglers … reason: one for their size and twi for their fight. The fall chinook season starts in Early August down in the famous Bouy 10 area of Astoria. The area is from Toung Pt all the way down to the ocean. When down there, I will take you to the best place with what the tides are doing and follow the fish to stay on top of them. Fish here can range from 10 lbs all the way up to 40 and 50lbs with most in the 15–25 lb range. Coho salmon are also there to be had as well. Fishing starts here about the first week in August and usually runs through Labor Day weekend. Fromt here, I follow the salmon up river either to Longview or the Portland area. Fishing will run through the first week in Oct here and can quite active. Wonderful fishing memories are to be made in these two locations — one fishing adventure of a lifetime. When October roles in, it is time to travel down to the famous Tillamook Bay for ocean fresh chinook salmon. These salmon are hard fighters and are probably the “best eating” out of all fall chinook. The fish here range from 15–40 lbs. I will take you to different parts of the bay during different times of the tide or wherever the action is that day. When we can fish the ocean I will add crabbing into the mix to add to the adventure for bonus.

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